HR Recruitment Consulting

Your starting point

Does any of the following challenges apply to you?

  • You are urgently looking for filling a leadership role in the HR department and no suitable candidates are available internally.
  • You are a HR leader and you wish to replace a member of your team in order to achieve the business objectives more efficiently.
  • Your business is growing rapidly and you need support to successfully manage the growth.
  • You want to realign your HR department.

Then we should talk. Because we speak HR.

Our solution

As HR headhunters, we know where to look when it comes to identifying HR specialists and managers in order to guarantee high quality results.

Therefore, you will save a lot of time. You will only get to see those candidates that really fit your role and environment.

We market your company and HR vacancy to potential HR specialists and leaders - an element of very high importance in times of talent shortage in a highly competitive employment market for HR professionals.

We guarantee a very high hit accuracy through our proven approach: By direct search and / or advertisements in a defined target market.

Your benefit

You will benefit from our pool of more than 6,000 HR professionals. We represent your vacancy and company convincingly to the candidates and deliver excellent results due to our own unique HR expertise. Because we speak HR.

Get in touch with our team and contact us today.

Is interim management for HR positions of interest to you as well?

Take advantage of the potential of our pool of over 650 HR Interim Managers. This flexible, needs-based and cost-transparent solution for filling HR positions temporarily provides you with highly experienced HR specialists and managers who can be deployed at short notice and will deliver results quickly.