Our Cooperation Partners

We value a high-quality exchange with high-profile cooperation partners. Like us, they are HR experts whose common ground is to provide first-class solutions and impulses for modern HR work. Here is a selection of our closest partnerships, which we are happy to recommend:

BPM Bundesverband der Personalmanager*innen

The BPM connects HR managers and gives them a voice in business, politics and society. Its task is to form an HR community that can network and learn from each other in order to jointly develop solutions for the working world of the future.


LINC is a spin-off of the University of Lüneburg and offers economic-psychological instruments and further education at a high level. Within the scope of our mandates, we use the LINC PERSONALITY PROFILER, an aptitude-diagnostic online tool based on the most psychologically sound models, if desired, and creates a highly differentiated profile of character traits, motives and competencies.


HR Contrast GmbH is a management consulting and training company that is a partner for successful management. We are cooperation partners in the HR FITNESS CLUB, a series of presentations for HR specialists and managers which is held once a quarter at six locations throughout Germany.